Simple Ways to Change the World

change Feb 15, 2021

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The wonderful thing about doing this is that you can set off chain after chain of positive events. Some call it the Butterfly Effect. One small thing you do can have repercussions all around the world.

Whatever positive actions you want to see more of, take responsibility to produce it yourself. 

When you show the world your willingness to be positive, others follow your lead, and before you know it, you’re changing the world one action at a time. There’s no better way to effect positive changes in the world.

If you’re stumped about what you can do to make the world a better place, try these ideas:

  1. Listen to what others say, without interrupting. It sounds simple, yet you find yourself wanting to cut others off in conversation or rush them to finish speaking. Truly listening and then responding to what they say makes them feel valued – like they matter – and that’s one positive change you just produced.
  • In being around you, they learn to do the same and spread the concept to others, who then repeat the process.
  1. Give away some things. You probably have items in good condition that you don’t use anymore. Pack a box full of things you no longer use and take them to a local charity.
  • Someone will benefit from your items and you’ll both feel good about your action.
  1. Do something to help others. Research charities you’re interested in and then offer to help. You could call the local social service agencies and offer your services for free.
  • Maybe you’re an accountant and could do their accounting at no cost. If you’re a maintenance worker, offer your “fix-it” services to charities’ offices.
  • You could knit or crochet blankets, baby hats, and shawls for local hospitals, hospices, or nursing homes.
  1. Organize a volunteer effort to help your community or another community in need. For example, collect boxed foods and blankets and ship them to US military bases all over the world. Another example is to raise money for communities hampered by storms. 
  • If you’re aware of the needs of a certain group, start your own local efforts to assist.

  1. Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru. A simple and fun way to “pay it forward” is to pay for the person’s coffee behind you in the drive thru lane, giving them a nice surprise.

You can effect more positive change in the world around you than you realize. Strive to do helpful, giving, and caring actions for others. Demonstrating kindness is truly contagious. Live a passionate and fearless life by changing the world one action at a time!

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