Celebrate International Women's Day!

#iwd international women's day Mar 08, 2022

Not Just This Day, But Every Day:

Be Bold
Be Strong
Be Passionate
Be Independent


I am more than a woman.

When I open my eyes each morning, I realize that I am more than my gender, more than my emotions, and more than my natural ability as a nurturer. I am more than a woman.

I believe that my womanhood symbolizes strength. Being a woman makes me able to meet tough challenges head-on without fear or doubt.


I am stronger than any label the world tries to pin on me.

I am a creator, definer, and maker of great things. I can envision endless possibilities and turn those possibilities into realities. Nothing I set my brilliant mind on is out of my reach.


I am a channel through which good things flow. 

Today, I celebrate my indefinable status. I am inspired by something greater than the labels that society may want to place on me. The sky is my limit and I use every opportunity to show I am capable of reaching the stars.