Find the Right Job!

career dream job goals right job Sep 08, 2021
Dream Job

 A lot of career sites talk about finding your, “dream” job, but we like to say you need to find the “right” job. Because if you find the right job, that can turn into your dream career. We hear from our Fearless Nation about how they took what they thought was their dream job, and it turned out, it was more of a nightmare than a dream. 

Finding the right job takes time and knowing what's most important to you.

If you don't already have a job that inspires and thrills you, what's holding you back from the job you deserve? You'll soon discover that you can no longer make excuses because the time to attract that right job is now!

It doesn't really matter what your end goal is, there are always ways to get there. The only real decision you need to make is what you want to go after. After that, it's all planning and implementing!

Use these simple strategies for attracting you the right job for you:

  1. Learn by example. Do you know of someone who is doing what you’ve dreamed of? Are there any role models, mentors, or coaches you can learn from? Study what others have done and ask them questions if you have the opportunity. Now that you already know what you want, you just need to figure out exactly how to get it!

  2. Break it down. While you're keeping your eye on the prize, you might be taking too much in at once. You also may be trying to accomplish too much too fast. Break down what the right job for you looks like and then create smaller mini-goals to get that job. Once you have a simplified plan in place, attack each mini-goal with your full attention and you'll be chipping away slowly, but surely at your dream goal!

  3. Get your foot in the door. In the long run, it's better for you to take the first step towards the right job, rather than working a dead-end job, even if the dead-end job is paying you more. If you can bear working for less money for a while, the long-term benefits will be worth it.

  4. Work on communication. If you work on your communication and people skills, you can work toward nearly any job that you want. This is because you'll get your points across clearly and become well respected.

  5. Make yourself stand out. It always helps if you're seen as the type of person that will go the extra mile. If there's a specific job that you're interviewing for, study the objectives and duties of the job carefully. Make sure you have the qualities and skill set they're looking for, and if you don't, show that you're willing to take the initiative to acquire them.

  6. Take action. There may be a number of things that are holding you back. Identify these causes and eliminate them. What are you afraid of? What is in the way of you and your dreams?


Finding That Right Job Can Take Time

It may take time to get where you want. Be patient. Chances are the job you aspire to isn't an entry-level position. In order to make this goal a reality, realize that finding that job takes time, research, guidance, money, and a whole lot of effort.

So what can you do today to get started on your goal? Perhaps you can begin your research, locate a mentor, start a savings account, or do any number of other simple tasks that will help you build momentum.

Use these strategies whenever possible to help you attract and find the right job and career. With consistent action and effort, the only way to go is up!