Happy National Pencil Day! What's Your Hobby?

confidence Mar 30, 2021

In case you didn’t know, National Pencil Day is an annual celebration held on March 30th of every year. Although the history and creator of this special day is unknown, the date was chosen to celebrate Hymen Lipman receiving the first patent for attaching that tasty eraser to the top end of a pencil in 1858, and the pencil as we know it today was officially born.

As an avid collector of pencils and pens (at last count I have 762), I love any excuse to celebrate, display, and add to my collection. It’s a strange hobby, collecting writing instruments, but for me, they are more than just functional writing utensils. Each one holds a memory. I have purchased them in every airport I’ve walked through, every museum I visited, every gift shop, bookstore, sidewalk vendor, tourist shop, office supply store, and stationery store I’ve stepped my toe in. It might be a strange hobby, but it’s one that I get a great deal of pleasure from.

So today might not be your hobby national day, but it’s a good reminder of why hobbies are so important.

Hobbies provide an opportunity to release your stress and recharge your batteries. Crafts and other personal activities help you let go of stress as you focus on something you enjoy.

Explore your creative side! Your hobby doesn’t have to be artistic in nature. It can be a love of DIY projects. Many individuals found their love of being a DIYer during COVID and now have become accomplished furniture rehabbers, gardeners, and decorators. Some have released their inner Marie Kondo and now have a home where everything has its place (I own too many books to ever have a place for all of them, but they are all organized by subject. Does that count?).

Don’t think you have a creative side? I bet you do! Think about what you love to do. I know an individual who retired from being an attorney and became a glassblower. He’d always been interested in the process, took a class, and now has his own studio where he creates and sells his work. Is there something that you’ve always been interested in? Check it out. There is a multitude of online classes. Maybe your hobby is waiting to be discovered!

Make time! Making a date with your hobby shows that you’re important, you deserve to have “you” time.

Hobbies can bring balance to your life with social activities. Socializing is an important element of a balanced life. This past year has limited our in-person social time with others but technology has allowed us to still socialize and meet people with the same interests and hobbies.

Knitters have been gathering on Zoom to knit and talk about their latest projects, book clubs are thriving online, and museums have put together virtual tours for groups. If you have a hobby, look online for a group that shares that hobby and join a few. Find the one that’s a good fit for you and keep on socializing! 

Sometimes our work or career doesn’t allow us to express our true self. Hobbies, on the other hand, provide an outlet for personal expression. Remember that attorney turned glassblower from above? He was busy with his full-time career and didn’t think being creative was important. Now he's got the creative bug.

Personal pastimes bring fun and enjoyment to your life. Hobbies are truly enjoyable for many people and give you a chance to take delight in something you’re doing. The great thing about hobbies is that they are versatile; you can do them by yourself or with friends.


Find Your Hobby Bliss 

Spend some time doing activities that bring you joy. If you’re not sure what type of pursuit to add to your life, consider these suggestions:

  • Start looking around for a new hobby. Keep your mind open to new activities you hear about. Use that Google machine and use your imagination, see what grabs your interest.

  • Check out local groups that meet online or apps such as Meetup.com. For instance, bookstores from around the world are having online events that anyone can attend. Libraries have online events. Check out events that are all about your hobby.
  • Still scratching your head about which hobby is right for you? Look at the hobbies of your friends and neighbors. Two of my neighbors found out they each loved to kayak, now they’ve become kayak buddies. Ask your friends or even join them (at a safe distance or on Zoom) for a morning, afternoon, or evening, taking part in their activities to see what you think.

Hobbies are important for many reasons, such as de-stressing, allowing creativity, bringing balance to your life, and providing opportunities for self-expression. If you haven’t spent time lately with your beloved pastime, now’s the time to get back to it.

Find a hobby and be fearless about pursuing it!!!