When You Think of Ice Cream, Think Innovation

career innovation sweetbutfearless transformation May 19, 2021

In such a fast-moving world, it's important to stay in the know. What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. Being in tune to innovations that solve a problem or change how we work or live can be an incredible source for your own innovative thinking.

Ice cream! What does ice cream have to do with innovative thinking? For Nancy M. Johnson, ice cream and innovation went hand in hand. In the 1830s, making ice cream was an incredibly labor and time-intensive process. Ms. Johnson created a way to make homemade ice cream easier, she invented the first hand-cranked ice cream churn. That was a game-changer! Now everyone could enjoy a big bowl of quality ice cream. She saw the problem and created a solution.

Finding inspiration for innovation and creativity can be found anywhere! 

1. Historical figures with success stories. Much of the world as you know it today is because of contributions from historical figures. Many of them took bold steps that didn’t necessarily pay off. But their perseverance and creativity allowed them to become world-changers.
Spend some time researching these world-changers. Understand their beginnings, inspirations, challenges, and turning points. You may find some similarities between you and one of them.
Use those similarities to drive your own inspirations.
Relate what you learned to modern-day nuances and you can push the envelope of innovation.

2. Inventions before their time. You've likely heard the phrase, "think outside the box" before. However, this is probably the first time you'll be applying it to your plan for innovation.

Some of the greatest inventors introduced concepts before the world was even ready for them. These inventions can serve as inspirations for you.

Are there ideas in your bedside journal that you felt were too silly to share with anyone? Remember that once your innovation is fascinating enough, it can appeal to others. It can convince them that it's actually something they want.

3. Look through your window and you'll see nature all around you. It's beautiful and intricate. Things that are so specially made are often great sources of inspiration.

Look at the colors, shapes, and behaviors of nature. Whether plants, animals, or seasons, their uniqueness inspires interest from science and novices alike. Many innovations that stand out take inspiration from elements of nature.

Consider how they were created. You may not have all the answers, but that's okay. What it teaches you is that complexity breeds creativity!

4. People who are overcoming trying obstacles. Their challenges are incomparable and difficult. Yet, they continue to push through with the aim of finding clear skies at the end of the road. If you can lay your eyes on someone like that, you'll likely get all the inspiration you need!

How do they keep moving forward? Are there special strategies they employ? When things seem impossible, the people who create a new path are the ones that change the face of the future.

What you'll realize is that bumps in the road don’t push you one step back. If you really want the prize, those bumps can push you one step further. That drive to succeed creates a spirit of fearlessness and boldness. That's what you need to be innovative!

These sources can provide the inspiration you need to be creative. Take a different approach. That's a surefire way to stand out from everyone else. You can expect great results when you elevate the thought process for innovation.

We all could use some fearless innovation! And ice cream!