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Employees need professional  development, supported by a community that has their needs at the center. 

Our workshops are designed with the employee, and company in mind. The topics are relevant, current, thought provoking, and result driven. 

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Our facilitators are experienced, credentialed leaders, who are passionate about teaching, learning, and skill building. 

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From Sweet but Fearless:

If you want to learn more about our programs, facilitation, and methodology, contact us to schedule a FREE Google inspired #IamRemarkable workshop for your company today. 

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The time management workshop helped our organization from top to bottom! Employees say immediately results, and that motivated them to stick with the plan!

-Rhonda Ewing

Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City


#IamRemarkle workshops were  uplifting to our members. They felt empowered, and equipped to speak about their accomplishments in the workplace. This workshop was a great lead in to our conference. 

-Nikkie Malcolm

NFM Coaching Pacific NW Aerospace Association 


Thanks to Mary , I discovered the confidence to lead courageously, and inclusivity. My boss invested in  me to be ready for future opportunities.  I am now the CIO of a government agency!

-Prabhjot Cheema
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